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Our Services

Milestone PR uses a variety of PR, social media and marketing communications tools to create and maintain industry buzz.

Whether it’s generating press coverage, attaining validation from industry analysts, or demonstrating ROI through customer case studies, Milestone PR helps create and maintain interest, understanding and the all-important industry buzz.

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Marketing Communications

Our Approach

Every company has a story to tell.

The passion, effort and creative drive required to create a company or bring a product from idea to market adoption also creates the natural assets of an earned media strategy.

Correctly forming and sharing this narrative to “earn” coverage in the massive and ubiquitous print, online and broadcast media channel is one of the most cost effective and credible means of building visibility, buzz and credibility for emerging and established brands.

Milestone PR specializes in Earned Media. Within the PESO model of Paid, Earned, Shared and Owned media, an Earned Media-centric strategy (editorial articles placed in mainstream print and online publications via careful message alignment and proactive pitching) is often the most direct and cost-effective approach for high-innovation emerging companies looking to raise awareness and build buzz. It can also be used to great effect by larger enterprises wishing to enhance and shape brand image or influence critical issues.

While typically integrated with other PESO components, a publicity strategy that leads with Earned Media maintains a number of compelling attributes:

Message discipline

The editors and writers at top-tier business press publications are one of the more sophisticated and critical audiences a company will typically address. The message discipline required to successfully engage these outlets often helps clarify early messaging exercises, which can then also inform social and owned messaging subsets moving forward.


Capitalizing on the massive and established media channel of print, online and broadcast publications, earned media forgoes the expensive tasks of constructing an “owned” network of paid or self-generated content across a network that must be built and promoted from scratch.


The objective filtering and vetting inherent to the top tier and trade press editorial process provides an invaluable layer of credibility in a noisy marketing landscape.


An Earned Media-centric strategy lends itself to a rigorous messaging process that can often be used to enhance or support other marketing initiatives. The harvest of press articles, clippings, and mentions not only help inform a broad base of readers on critical topics, but can also be re-purposed as tangible additions to direct marketing and customer focused initiatives.

Even with these inherent advantages, current economic realities in the publishing industry and the relative scarcity of elite media relations skills dictate that an Earned Media-centric strategy must be approached with due preparation and appropriate resources in place. Milestone PR has developed a set of tools, best practices and media relationships for the express purpose of harnessing the full potential of Earned Media-centric publicity campaigns on behalf of its clients.

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